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Stockholm Ink Bash Program 2018.

15.00 Grand Opening
17.30 Kung Henry
Henry Bowers is Sweden's most established battlerapper in international contexts and one of Europe's leading spoken word poets. His music can be summarized as classical boom bap hiphop in a modern and own vintage with a lot of focus on text writing and scratch technique. The inspiration is drawn from both fine culture and mass culture where references from literary classics and philosophical champions are mixed freely with homage to horror films and comic books and much more. The scene offers a lot of energy and audience contact.
18.00 Best of Small
19.00 Best of Sleeve
20.00 Bazaar Bizarre Living Dead Dolls
21.00 Best of New School
22.30 Voodoo Mansion
23.30 Best of Day
01.00 Closing time
12.00 The Convention Opens
14.00 Best of Crazy
15.00 Best of Color
16.00 Best of Realistic
17.00 Kung Henry
18.00 Best of Japanese
19.00 Best of Neo Traditional
20.00 Bazaar Bizarre Living Dead Dolls
21.00 Best of Black & Grey
22.00 Factory Smokers Street Revue
The Factory Smokers Street Revue is powered by a 28" drum kit, a double bass , a bunch of six string cigar box noice makers and various twenty dollar fleamarket guitars. The sound is trash-ass Blues with slight defections, a copper piped big city noice, a hard rockin´punk-ass Rhythm ´n´Blues kind of style. Someone once said. -If the Sex Pistols had excisted in the 1930s, that´s pretty much what The Factory Smokers sounds like.....
23.00 Best of Day
01.00 Closing Time
12.00 The Convention Opens
14.00 Best of Pet
15.00 Best of Ornamentic
16.00 Best of Back
17.00 Best of Large
18.00 Best of Day
19.00 The convention is closing

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Stockholm - Södermalm

Münchenbryggeriet is located in the neighborhood of Stockholm where the vibrant tattoo machines are heard the most, and most tattoo studios are located.

Södermalm is the obvious choice to have Sweden's largest international tattoo fair.


Torkel Knutssonsgatan 2
118 25 Stockholm